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What’s YOUR reason

Every success story has a villain, a hero and turning point. Today, I’m asking you to find, or create, your turning point - if you’re not where you want to be. If you are, then celebrate the sh** out of whatever it was that helped you reframe your view of your life enough to turn it around and into something a little (or a lot) better for you!

For me, it was grandchildren I know, I waited a LONG time - most of it was in denial of ”the real problem of fat”. The real problem of fat wasn’t so much that I hated the way I looked, although I tried to tell myself I didn’t mind The real problem wasn’t the dangerous existence of adipose tissue (belly fat) - but that SHOULD have been! The real problem for me was that it was the outward evidence of a whole system failure. THIS was how you could tell that I just didn’t take care of myself. I was so weak, at 46, that I could not pick up my granddaughter by myself. I didn’t have the strength to get down on the floor to play with her and THEN get back up again with her. I needed both hands to hoist myself up using a stool or couch. That was IT for me.

What did I do? I fixed it. Why did I do it? Because I wanted to. And I could. How did I do it? I made a plan and got help. (Eat less cookies and hire a trainer. That was literally my beginning plan!)

Listen, that’s all you need. Know what you want to fix. Make a plan and get help. Or Get help to make a plan. Then just keep going.

The journey never ends there, of course, but no journey goes to waste either. Use the culmination of all your successes and all your misses to frame your plan for NOW.

If you are a mom, Happy Mother’s Day! If you are not, have a Happy Sunday ANYWAY! All you really have is you.

❤️ Beth

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