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Training from Home is Convenient and Fun

Here we are on "Day whatever" of lockdown due to CV-19... Don't go stir crazy - sign up for a class or training! I'm not a great video creator, but here's a 2 minute (I knowwww....I did say I wasn't good at this!) video highlighting ONE of my classes.

Here's what's important:

  • It's tailored to your abilities

  • It's fun working out with friends (and they do become friends - ask me about my phone blowing up! I started a group text I use for class announcements and they have turned it into a highbred of a 'Trash-Talk Thread' and a 'We miss you/ you can do it" thread! It makes me all gooey eyed!)

  • You can ask questions

  • Real time coaching

  • Real time modifications

  • Zero body shaming

  • Ultra-positive attitudes

  • Post workout reviews from coach as needed

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