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Kettlebell Basic Swing tutorial

You may have an old kettlebell laying around and not remember/know what to do with it. Here's something to start with! Most bells will have the weight stamped on the front. If you are NEW to kettlebell, or just getting back read on for weight guidelines...

Weight Guidelines:

Unless you are really short AND out of shape, a 15 pound bell is probably going to be too light to swing with 2 hands. Switch to a single handed swing. The only difference is that you want to make sure to not twist or torque your body. Stay forward facing with hips and shoulders in the same plane (like a flat box).

20-36 pound bells are good starter sized bells. Normally, I would be a bit more picky, but with 'Shelter-in-Place', I prefer you stay home and use what you have. (Unless you train with me... I have bells that I let client's pick up and use at home for the duration).

SOME key things to remember are this:

  • The bell swings forward because of GLUTE FORCE (your butt!)

  • Your low back is kept from arching, or extending, back via tightening down your core (belly, belly, belly!)

  • Never round your low back. Your belly tension should help keep it straight.

  • Feet stay completely grounded. You are never rocking from toes to heels.

  • Squeeze your shoulder blades a bit, and press your shoulders down away from your neck, when the bell is chest height (at it's highest) to keep from over stretching upper back or damaging shoulder muscles.

With any modality, practice brings you closer to mastery.

Disclaimer: I have a partial fusion and degenerative discs in the lumbar spine, so I am strict about belly tension and straight low back! If you have low back issues, you may need to strengthen your core through planking to prep for this move! Message me if you have questions!

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