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Kettlebell Basic Safety and Form

I intended this post to be a self-care video, from a massage and movement perspective, but after my friend Natalie announced she had broken her phone with her newly found kettlebell, I decided this might be moderately urgent. 🤣

Although not comprehensive, this 10 min video will cover the most basic safety tips as well as form tips. Here is your TLDR or TLDW version:

Kettlebell safety

  • Floor matts -I use 3/4 inch cow stall matts. You can use whatever you like or nothing, but chances are you are going to drop the bell at least once, be sure to match your floor covering choice to the degree you like that floor!

  • Space - Let's use the COVID-19 rule of 6 ft. Social distancing for safety in all things! HAHA! This means that you have ample space between you and random objects on the floor. You do not want to trip with a hunk of iron in your hand.

  • Weight choice - The rule of thumb is 'the taller you are the more weight you can swing as a beginner'. If you can curl the bell easily, it's probably a bit to light to swing. But these are strange times, so use what you have. I typically start new people at anything between 20-36 pounds.

  • Direction - do not swing in the direction of anything you love. Seriously though, since we are doing home workouts now with pets and kids, make sure


  • Swing - See this video specifically on swing form: https://youtu.be/RIOkbkcDuns

  • Press - Strong belly, feet flat, glutes engaged, strong wrist. DO NOT: lean back or push weight out farther away from your body. Try to go STRAIGHT up.

  • Deadlift - Horns of bell between balls of feet. Weight heels and glutes. Stand straight up, driving from glutes, lower bell. It should travel inside your knees.

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