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Get Stronger. Move Better. The Turkish Get-Up

This move is one of THE BEST moves to improve mobility AND strength. You can choose to begin with body weight only and then progress to heavier and heavier weights (kettlebell, dumbbell - or even a BARBELL if you are brave!)

Just like people, the Turkish Get-up comes in all shapes and sizes! There is a method that can work for you.

The thing I like best about this combination of moves is how great it is at teasing out our imbalances. I have seen many STRONG people struggle with this move and others, perhaps less strong, but more used to 'using their whole body as one' absolutely crush it.

Here's why you should master the Turkish Get-Up:

OVERALL STRENGTH AND STABILITY TRAINING: There is not a muscle group missed in this series of moves. The ability to load the Get-Up as needed allows you to make strength gains or to scale back to work on stability through the transitions. Moving from one stage to the next enhances your brain-body connection. Executing with precision at each stage works both rotational and anti-rotational (stabilizing) forces.

SHOULDER COMPLEX STRENGTH: TGU puts you in several different load bearing positions that help the shoulder gain strength and stability as a unit. (there are 17 muscles attached to the scapula alone. The shoulder itself has muscles from the front and back of the body, along with the upper arm!

BALANCE TRAINING: Great core strength is one of the keys to great balance. If you don't have control through the middle, your top and bottom will be wiggly when you need it to be steady! Your core is challenged not only at the partial sit-up beginning but all throughout as your body figure out how to keep clean angles, support weight above you and move your body up and down from the floor.

ALL AGE APPROPRIATE: I have trained teenagers all the way through clients in their 70's! People in peak condition and people with fused spines and replaced hips and knees. Start unweighted and progress. You can also modify and skip moves should you need. This is truly a move you can make your own. (Contact me, if you are stuck on modifying for your situation!)

LEG STRENGTHENING: Getting up and down off the floor from a lunge position is not the easiest move. Add weight over your head and the difficulty level increases! You will also find good glute stability aids you in the very first step when grounding your weighted side with that same side posterior chain (muscles in the back of the body).

GRIP STRENGTH: The more weight you move, the stronger your grip. You may find that weight you can lift with a barbell, doesn't translate to a Kettlebell Turkish Get-Up! But you don't need to be pushing 50lb kettlebells to get grip gains, time under tension (reps, baby, reps!) will do the trick. So just keep practicing.

CHEST: This muscle group is primarily a stabilizer for the shoulder during the Turkish Get-Up, so don't stop doing your push-ups just yet. ;)

BACK: Upper back, lats and obliques all spend a LOT of time under tension when trying to stabilize the shoulder, keep the shoulders depressed, and maintain equilibrium between front and back of body while standing with weight overhead.

What about cardiovascular endurance? This isn't the FIRST move I would choose for that, but if you keep the weight manageable and push out several get-ups in a row, your heart will know it's working. Similarly, if you push a heavy enough weight overhead your heart will not feel left out of the party, in the least. This is as much or as little work as you want it to be!

So maybe now you are thinking... "Ok, wow, I didn't know that. How do I DO a Turkish Get-up?"

Glad you asked! Check my series of videos on YouTube, they are all under a minute (mostly) and the link to the next stage is always in the notes of the previous stage, so it's easy to follow!

Here's the intro and first video in the series:

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