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Congrats Illinois! COVID cases decreasing!

What does this mean for Center-Fit Services?

  • Regular massage appointments are now available!

  • Trainings are still available via Zoom with occasional outdoor trainings!

  • Outdoor Group and Individual Trainings available for NEW clients!

Purchase your 60 minute massage today! No penalty cancelations for feeling under the weather. Please be sure you are symptom free and have not been near sick people (this really has ALWAYS been the case)

Chair massage on my patio are only $1/ Min 15-30 min sessions!

Join our 7:45 am Kettlebell class or Gather a couple friends and 'Create your own time'!

We are practicing social distancing at our classes - really. I know there are a lot of fitness facilities saying that, but watch this video to see how WE are actually doing it.

  • Mats with 6ft circles painted on the grass to be sure I don't get in YOUR space.

  • More than 12 ft space between stations

  • 5 person max

  • Masks worn to and from cars

  • BYOB (Bells) for those who have kettlebells on loan from me

Thanks Kathy, for being our Social Distancing model! (She's also the model for 'every-mom-carrying-in-groceries-from-the-car' #onlymake1trip!)

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