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Combat stress - Be Your Own Hero

There are several ways to combat stress. People pleasing is probably the most short-sighted. During this time of government mandated "shelter-in-place" (I AM a fan of this) so many people have very loud, very proud 'ideas' about what to do and what not to do.

Story #1

Stand up. Early on, my husband didn't quite understand the gravity of flattening the curve. The pressure of workmates wanting him to do his job, of making money for the family and combatting the stress of boredom (!) led him to attempt to go to work. Understand, at over 60, he is high-risk. I have asthma (that does better left untreated due to other chemical sensitivities I have) which also puts me in that category. Booo! But, facts are facts.

Being people pleasers and harmony lovers, we both tend to cave to external pressures. We don't think to fight for what's best for us, until the damage is done. So, on THIS DAY, during our very heated argument about whether or not he was going to work, I suggested (strongly) he find another place to live, should he choose that path. I am #socialdistancing . I have canceled massages and trainings alike. I don't go see my 85yr old mother. I don't have coffee with friends (my favorite pass-time!). Still, that was hard to do! Guy was hurt, because, well... he was willing to take one for the team by going to earn money and get sh** done. I stuck to my guns. He saw my point. ;)

As things developed we both came to realize how important flattening the curve is for the health and well being of our friends, family, neighbors and country as a whole. There are lots of good resources, reach out if you would like me to share some with you.

Like many of you, I don't like to draw hard lines. I don't like conflict. I am more of a "do your thing and I'll be here when things don't shake out how you thought they would" kind of person.

THIS DAY I chose to be my own hero. (and maybe yours!)

Story #2

Move. Genetically, I am prone to obesity. It takes a ton of discipline to not over-eat and to not under-move. Add to that, a low back infection that led to a partial fusion and wasting of disc and bone - just after a bout of breast cancer... let's just say I am still recovering!

I am still discovering what my body CAN do compared to what it remembers DOING.

This morning, while leading an online kettlebell class for my clients, I attempted an overhead kettlebell snatch followed by a Sott's press (bell overhead into a squat). 1/2 way down, I found I no longer have mobility for that! HAHA! oops. TBH, it's demotivating to be overweight, with greatly limited range of motion and strength. (I actually answered a 10 push-up challenge today, from my knees. UGH!)

Being my own hero today meant saying "F*** that." to all the social and esthetic norms placed on fitness individuals. F*** all the judging (in my head and on the internet). Being my own hero means working out a few times a day, to meet my heartrate and calorie goals. It means not judging myself for where I am... and just doing the work!

Story #3

Find Peace. Stress sucks. Worrying about the economy, the health of my friends, the likelihood of other friends actually surviving COVID-19 is depressing! Being your own hero really does mean you have to find peace. Praying, meditating, painting, walking (alone), ... IDK what it will take for you. But, for me, it involves getting out of my head. I literally mentally slide out of the back of my head and watch my thoughts. I recognize that they are not ME. That I am much more than my thoughts or my situations.

I also promote peace on my social media pages. When people try to stir things up, I decline. I set the standard, as best I can. I protect the peace of my friends, as best I can.

My hope for YOU today, is that you stand up for yourself, that you move as much as you can, that you find peace and spread peace. Oh, and that you wash your hands. A lot.

BK out.

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