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At Home Shelter-in-Place Massage Help

I get it! You are stressed. You either have to go out and don't want to... I see you nurses, doctors, grocery store workers, etc... OR you desperately want to get out and you are supposed to stay IN. First of all, it's not for ever. Video chat more, make lists to stay productive and keep your mood up, workout more... Try that online yoga class! If you are living with someone, you can try some of these massage tools and techniques to help alleviate stress and tension. I got mine on Amazon. This is a nice little kit!

If you are home alone, I have heard this is pretty nice, too!

So, here is my little video. Thanks to my husband, Guy, who had to wait till I was ordered by the GOVERNOR OF ILLINOIS to stay home to get a massage!

Most likely you will not have a Massage Chair to use, so just sit backwards against a kitchen chair with pillows on the table to rest your arms and head. You get the idea!

Until next time!

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